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Jazzy Millennials

Jazzy Coaching

You’re a Dreamer. And you’re not the only one. But are you also a Doer?

There are many Dreamers out there, but the ones who get up and Do something about it are those who have committed their first steps towards turning their Dreams into achievable Goals.

If you dream big, and you’re taking steps towards achieving personal and/or professional Goals,

you are a Soaring Millennial, and this is the place for you.

Today more than ever Millennials are seeking and benefiting from Coaching   

There is a reason for this, and it is well beyond that of having a ‘coach’ being considered the ‘cool’ thing these days.  It is simply: word of mouth combined with not only tangible, but also sustainable results.

As many Millennials begin experiencing the benefits of having a Coach and note the meaningful strides and positive transformations they have achieved in their personal and professional lives; they cannot help but share their elation and pride per their experiences and the ways they have shaped and mastered their lives.

Many report feeling much happier, more confident, more self-aware, gaining clarity, experiencing an increasing ability to practice mindfulness, more determined and focused on achieving goals, living healthier lives, and a heightened sense of being intrinsically motivated, to mention but a few.  Overall Millennials describe feeling more aligned with their personal values and attaining a refined sense of purpose in their daily lives.

Millennials highly value self-development and personal growth. They are eager to receive coaching in both their personal life and at work.

The Magic of Coaching

Coaching is empowering as it allows deep reflection, resolution, and a way forward.

It is not to be mistaken for Therapy. In fact, this is the number one disclaimer for anyone who is interested in Coaching.

Whilst Therapy focuses mainly on what happened in the past and why it happened; Coaching is a forward-looking approach, in which the ‘why’ does not matter, and the focus is on the individual in moving forward and doing so by getting past their hurdles, the challenges, and their limited beliefs.

The land of limited beliefs is where most of the Coaching takes place. This is the terrain in which over the years, weeds and shrubs have grown and now need to be tended to in order to make room for a beautiful garden.

Removing these shrubs is the same as erasing imprints and undoing old patterns of thought and behavior, and replacing them with positive behaviors and patterns instead, both mentally and emotionally.

Rewiring the Brain is why Coaching is so effective and empowering.

Coaching Feels Like

Imagine a knot that you have struggled to undo for years, and along comes Coaching…

and you are suddenly untying many knots and overcoming the feeling of being stuck that you thought you would never be able to overcome or change.  You would have thought that way because you would have allowed those very things to become part of your identity; building attachments to your challenges to the point they define you and you forget your own identity without them.

Coaching reminds you that you are in control. You are the one with the answers and you are the expert in your own life.

You are the author of your own life.

Coaching shines a light onto the dark corners of your mind and soul; allowing you to see better, and together with your Coach to build strategies equipped with tools and resources that empower you and allow you to take charge towards your desired outcomes, towards a better, happier, well-lived life.

Coaching for a Life Well Lived

As a Millennial, you want to live life to its fullest…

and accordingly you value well-being on multiple levels and in different areas of your life. As a Millennial, you know very well that your personal life and your work life are intertwined in some way or another. And ultimately if you are happy in your personal life and private affairs, you are that much happier at work; and vice versa.

This is why Jazzy Coach’s Coaching Philosophy is “it is all about the client” 

Being trained and certified in both Life and Professional Coaching allows the coaching process to address both areas interchangeably and as per what the client wishes to focus on.

Notably clients are not robots and as human beings we cannot fully compartmentalize one area of our lives to not interact with the others. That is why we provide you with both Life and Professional coaching; you choose when and which stream you would like to focus on. You can also choose to focus on only one of them. It is totally up to you!

Our Coaching is Trendy

We Coach the fun way …

Forget about boring assessments, unproductive chats that resemble the daily quarrels you already have with yourself anyway, or attempts of boxing you into definitions and categories with unnecessary analysis.

Out with that old style.

Our Coaching is Trendy because it introduces a fresh and fun way to personal growth and development through the application of brain and behavioral sciences.  Our style believes in your abilities and works to empower YOU.

It identifies your awareness and builds on it; delving deep into the corners of your mind unmasking thoughts, emotions, and unveiling truths that once heard by you, allow you to reframe your life and gain a whole new perspective.

You will be able to visualize your accomplishments and begin manifesting them in no time and you will gain more awareness and heightened clarity, which will allow you to feel even more in control of your life.

 Our fun approach allows your brain to do the work for you.  Of course in order for this to happen, we require from you the will, commitment, dedication and discipline towards your personal growth, development, and the positive changes you would like to see and feel manifest in all areas of your life.

Coaching will be fun for you as it will allow you to personalize it as your transformational journey.

In this journey of self-discovery and transformation, you will experience Coaching by an ICF Accredited and Advanced Certified Professional Coach, who brings together the latest techniques in Self-development, Intrinsic Motivation, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Mindfulness and Yoga, and Values-based Alignment and Coaching. All of which combined present a wholesome and unique approach to Coaching.

What makes Jazzy Coach even more unique is the way clients are valued as human beings and given personalized attention and care, and the degree to which every coach-client relation is considered sacred and special.

As an added bonus, Jazzy Coach is involved in Doctoral level research in the field of Coaching Millennials and the influence of such coaching in organizations.

With Jazzy Coach you will benefit from varying styles of coaching depending on your mood.

As human beings we are not static, which means our moods and tolerance levels can vary from one day to the other.  Accordingly, on some of your Coaching days you may wish to experience a coaching style that is more sensitive with you, and on other days you may want a more energized, motivating, empowering coaching style.

Jazzy Coach adapts to your mood and works with you at a healthy pace, while continuing to challenge you to reach your new horizons, whilst assuring sustainability – because there is no point in creating change that does not last.

You are guaranteed a safe space that is free of judgement in which you can be completely yourself, an uber confidential and secure environment, and an approach that aligns with you as a partner to support and empower you to become the best version of yourself.

I’m Ready to Soar with Jazzy Coach

What Millennials and their Leaders are Saying…

I felt very comfortable in the sessions, addressing things I never mentioned to anyone else .. there is no judgement, extremely professional and the coaching really helped me with some major life decisions.

Associate Manager, Deloitte
JazzyCOACH has very impressive coaching skills and I do recommend this experience for developing your teams through this unique approach of training and coaching people
Regional Sales Manager, Hygenics

At the beginning I took a trial session just out of curiosity not knowing how powerful coaching could be. JazzyCOACH asked me the right questions which helped me deep dive inside myself and find the answers within, which helped me grow in a way I didn’t think was possible before.It’s something you can learn with the help of a coach and then build on and feed with your drive without borders.

Thank you to the best coach in town

Regional Director, Makeup Forever

Recently , I have decided to move from the Corporate world to Entrepreneurship with a strong belief that it is time to do so . I have been struggling to decide on which part of the business world I really belong : should I really go on my own or rather stay under well renowned Brands or Corporates ?
Within few sessions I was quickly and directly at the root of the problem, the process shed light on matters that were not clear to me before.

I would recommend anyone who believes in coaching as a way for self-development to have a chat with JazzyCOACH

Commerce Expert and Entrepreneur, CIB