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Life just got Intergenerational

Today’s workplace is intergenerational. And so is life outside the workplace as well.

Similarly today more than ever our work and life boundaries are blurred if not already overlapping.

Some of us no longer even differentiate the two as separate concepts; either because on one end we love what we do and it no longer feels like work (a state achieved when personal values match organizational values and/or when our sense of purpose and search for meaning is fulfilled); or on the other end, some of us have not been able to achieve a healthy work-life balance, so they both feel as one.

Millennials are in search of achieving both a healthy work-life balance and finding meaning at work.  They do not want to indulge in any work for the sake of simply working. They are willing to job-hop, search longer, freelance, and wait to start their careers later than usual for the sake of securing a job that they find fulfilling; one that will provide them with a sense of purpose, meaning, and alignment with their personal values.

Whether they can afford to do so more than earlier generations given their parents and the safety nets that they may have which earlier generations were not privileged to access is another story.

Regardless, this represents a fundamental generational difference. Earlier Generations did not prioritize work-life balance as much, and they regarded work as a normal way of life and one that can be kept separate from their personal lives. For earlier generations work was a privilege that one could not afford to be picky or choosy about. Income was the priority.

Financial security is important for Millennials as well, but not at the expense of giving up ‘living life’ and working without a sense-of purpose and meaning.

The Millennial set of values allows this generation to believe in better.

Better Personal Life.  Better Professional Life.  Better Workplace Culture. Better work-life balance.

Better Overall Wellbeing.

Believe in Better for Yourself
 There is a better version of yourself waiting to happen. In every way. Your potential is limitless. Believe in You.
Believe in Better for Your Organization
Believe in a happier intergenerational workplace, improved retention, better strategies,
better motivation, and exponentially improved performance.

When You Believe in Better

You will Achieve Sustainable & Tangible
Positive Outcomes

Better Organizational Culture

Better Employment Brand

Better Communication Dynamics

Better Performance and Motivation

Better Employees’ Brand Experience

Better Retention and Loyalty

Better Customers’ Brand Experience

Better Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

Our Added Value

  • Keeping it simple and effective.

  • A unique deep-dive approach gets you to the heart of the issue: effective at establishing areas to work on and improve for high ROI and tangible sustainable results

  • Advanced and Master level training and expertise in the latest methods of Coaching and Culture development.

  • Combining a variety of methods, resources and tools for a unique unmatched approach.

  • Conducting Doctoral level research on the topic of Millennials and Millennial and Intergenerational Cultures in today’s Organizations

  • Fun, Creative, Modern and Empowering

Our Approach

We understand the complexity of the human nature and behaviors, that is why our approach embeds an array of methodologies when working with our clients and their teams. These include the following:

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Neurolinguistic Programming for Behavioral Success
  • Values-Based Personal – Professional Alignment
  • Millennial & Intergenerational Dialogue
  • HR and Learning & Development Strategy
  • Intrinsic Motivation and Positive Psychology
  • Cultural Transformation Tools
  • Blue Ocean Strategy for Leaders

what are you waiting for?

Let the Adventure Begin

All Great Things Begin with Believing in and Wanting the Better

Millennials are the unsung heroes of our time, often misunderstood and mostly trapped in a generational stereotype. Little acknowledgement do they get for changing the way we work, and our approach to life.

What Millennials and their Leaders are Saying…

I felt very comfortable in the sessions, addressing things I never mentioned to anyone else .. there is no judgement, extremely professional and the coaching really helped me with some major life decisions.

Associate Manager, Deloitte
JazzyCOACH has very impressive coaching skills and I do recommend this experience for developing your teams through this unique approach of training and coaching people
Regional Sales Manager, Hygenics

At the beginning I took a trial session just out of curiosity not knowing how powerful coaching could be. JazzyCOACH asked me the right questions which helped me deep dive inside myself and find the answers within, which helped me grow in a way I didn’t think was possible before.It’s something you can learn with the help of a coach and then build on and feed with your drive without borders.

Thank you to the best coach in town

Regional Director, Makeup Forever

Recently , I have decided to move from the Corporate world to Entrepreneurship with a strong belief that it is time to do so . I have been struggling to decide on which part of the business world I really belong : should I really go on my own or rather stay under well renowned Brands or Corporates ?
Within few sessions I was quickly and directly at the root of the problem, the process shed light on matters that were not clear to me before.

I would recommend anyone who believes in coaching as a way for self-development to have a chat with JazzyCOACH

Commerce Expert and Entrepreneur, CIB