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Cultural Transformation
& Alignment

Culture is the Most Vital Organ in Organizations

Having an Aligned Cultural Identity is the Current Competitive Advantage for Organizations

It is important to understand the characteristics of the Younger Generations in order to successfully manage organizational culture and differences between generations in the workplace. It is also important to understand them in order to retain Millennials, train them the right way, motivate them and keep them engaged.

Overall, this service works twofold; part culture consultancy and part coaching, in which the overall theme is to discover Millennials and Intergenerational values, understand them, find commonalities and to further develop alignment with that of Organizational values.

This enables the understanding of underlying assumptions, unchallenged norms, and salient dynamics.  Culture is redefined whereby shared values are adopted, a heightened sense of meaning is felt across the organization at large, space is created for positive new characteristics and behaviors to emerge, intrinsic-motivation is achieved, thereby not only creating a cohesive environment of support and collaboration, but further an alignment of purpose, mission, and vision for all workers and the organization itself.

Organizations have catered to Millennials as consumers in all the ways products have been developing and being marketed.

Now is the time to cater internally at the organizational level.

I’ll Book a Complimentary 15 Minute Session to Discuss
What Millennials and their Leaders are Saying…

I felt very comfortable in the sessions, addressing things I never mentioned to anyone else .. there is no judgement, extremely professional and the coaching really helped me with some major life decisions.

Associate Manager, Deloitte
JazzyCOACH has very impressive coaching skills and I do recommend this experience for developing your teams through this unique approach of training and coaching people
Regional Sales Manager, Hygenics

At the beginning I took a trial session just out of curiosity not knowing how powerful coaching could be. JazzyCOACH asked me the right questions which helped me deep dive inside myself and find the answers within, which helped me grow in a way I didn’t think was possible before.It’s something you can learn with the help of a coach and then build on and feed with your drive without borders.

Thank you to the best coach in town

Regional Director, Makeup Forever

Recently , I have decided to move from the Corporate world to Entrepreneurship with a strong belief that it is time to do so . I have been struggling to decide on which part of the business world I really belong : should I really go on my own or rather stay under well renowned Brands or Corporates ?
Within few sessions I was quickly and directly at the root of the problem, the process shed light on matters that were not clear to me before.

I would recommend anyone who believes in coaching as a way for self-development to have a chat with JazzyCOACH

Commerce Expert and Entrepreneur, CIB